Air Excavation + Technology = 100% Accuracy

The latest technology combined with air-powered excavation gives you completely reliable underground asset location data.

By incorporating our air-powered potholing excavation with PositivelD technology that combines  GPR and Electromagnetic locating, Underground Solutions can give you 100% accurate underground utility locating and data that you can trust now and in the future Рallowing you to work faster, work safer, and work more cost effectively.


Confidence Inspiring Air-Powered Excavation

By using state-of-the-art environmentally safe equipment, air excavation allows us to locate and verify the exact size, depth and condition of all under ground utilities quickly and cost-effectively. Air-powered excavation also provides valuable subsurface utility engineering (SUE) data by determining the precise vertical, horizontal, size and type of the utility for accurate planning of your construction project.



Positive ID Utility Locating Services
By combining GPR and Electromagnetic Locating, along with other tools such as tracable locating rods and push cams with tracking sondes mark, locate and manage underground asset points.


Upgrade Your Utility Location Data Today With PositivelD

No one in Southern California offers the 100% guaranteed accurate combination of PositivelD and air-excavation driven SUE data acquisition. Our proven services and technology can provide you with the ultimate confidence your looking for, along with speed, safety and a cost that is unmatched by any of our competitors.