Underground Solutions, Inc’s PositiveID utility locating services keep your project on schedule,
your team members safe, and protect your bottom line by saving you real money.


PositiveID locating technology combines GPR and Electromagnetic locating to mark, locate, and manage underground asset points.

Save Real Money

Even a shovel can create thousands of dollars of damage and create massive delays, PositiveID gives you accurate data faster than our competitors.

Stay Safe

Utility locating promotes safety prevents injuries and reduces costly insurance claims that can drive up your projects costs.

How It Works


Accurate Location

We survey, mark and log all utilities present within your dig area.


Accurate Reporting

When combined with our Positive ID technology and additional air-based potholing excavation, we can provide you with a guaranteed 100% accurate report of all utilities present giving you piece of mind.


It's The Law

California law requires you to locate all utilities present within your
dig area. USI’s PositiveID locating service guarantees you are
100% compliant with all applicable laws.