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Underground Solutions PositiveID private utility locating services keep projects on
schedule and team members safe all over California.

Underground utilities can be damaged by something as innocent as a simple shovel, causing costly damage, injuring your team members, delaying your project for days, and costing you real money. When you call before you dig, you could be saving REAL money.  If you’re in California, the law requires you to contact 811 prior to any excavation work within your public-side dig area. And remember: Utility companies and local governments mark only what they own and operate-typically to the meter.

We don’t just locate and mark utilities within your dig zone and the public right-of-way, we can locate, survey and document all private-side utilities within your entire project area with a complete Subsurface Utility Investigation (SUI) including gas lines, electrical conduits, water lines )plastic or metal, and sewer lines.


PositiveID locating technology combines GPR and Electromagnetic locating and concretre scanning to mark, locate, and manage underground asset points, giving you a complete Subsurface Utility Investigation (SUI).

Save Real Money

A shovel can cause thousands of dollars of damage in fines and lost productivity. Our PositiveID technology gives you a verified accurate assessment every time.

Stay Safe

Prevent injuries and costly insurance claims that can drive up your projects costs and harm your personel.

Underground utility  locating services cover:  All of Southern California, Los Angeles county, San Diego county, Riverside County, Orange County, Santa Barbara County, San Bernardino county, Ventura county and more