Private Utility Locating Services

USI Locating Services keeps you on schedule, your team safe, and saves you REAL money in California

Underground utilities can be damaged by something as innocent as a simple shovel, causing costly damage, injuring your team members and delaying your project for days.

Call Before You Dig

Verified Accuracy.

We don’t just locate and mark utilities within your dig zone and the public right-of-way, we can locate, survey and document all private-side utilities within your entire project area with a complete Subsurface Utility Investigation (SUI).

By incorporating our PositivelD technology combining GPR, Electromagnetic locating, concrete scanning and other tools, along with air-powered potholing excavation, Underground Solutions can give you accurate private utility location data that you can trust now and in the future – faster and more cost-effectively than any of our competitors in  California.

Failures to locate underground utilities
result in excess of

411,000 HITS

IN 2017

The costs associated with underground
facility damages in the United States

$1.5 Billion

IN 2017

Follow these 4 steps for a safe & successful digging project

USI encourages everyone planning an excavation to use the best practices established by the Common Ground Alliance.

Mark Project Area in White

Clearly mark the area where you will dig by drawing a box outlining the area using white paint or wood stakes.

Call 811 Before You Dig

Be prepared to provide the address and general location of the project, project start date and type of digging activity.

Get Marked

USI will oversee the entire process, including opening a ticket (if necessary) and locating and marking all underground utilities and other buried services.

Dig Safely

Leave utility flags, stakes or paint marks in place until you have finished digging. If you’re seeking confidence about the location of underground utilities, ask USI to use PositivelD and air-powered potholing.

PositiveID & Locating Line / Services Include:

Wet Utilites

  • Water Pipelines/services
  • Sewer Mains/Laterals
  • Storm Drain Systems/Yard Drainage

Dry Utilities

  • Gas mains/services
  • Electric
  • Telephone/TV/Fiber Cable
  • Communication Lines

Types of Services

  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Electromagnetic Locating
  • Concrete Scanning
  • Small Diameter CCTV
  • Leak Detection
  • Hydrojetting 4"-10"